Skiathos Sailing

Skiathos Sailing

Skiathos Sailing

Sailing in Skiathos is definitely one of the best things you must try while you re visiting Skiathos.
We with an experienced skipper.
We recommend people with experience who leave on the island and they know the best spots to visit
Skiathos Sailing become very popular lately and you will see so many sailing boats in Skiathos harbour, making difficult which one to choose.
So we will make it a little easier for you and recommend two we believe they have a lot of experience and beautiful sailing boats.



Skiathos Sea Star Sailing

We offer a range of half and full day sailing excursions around Skiathos and several popular islands, The North Sporades islands.
We call it Island hopping holiday!
Our carefully selected sailing routes allow you to sail and see the best-secluded beaches hidden with no road access.
It is a whole another way to explore Skiathos island
Visit our dedicated site SKIATHOS SEA STAR SAILING and we are here to answer any questions, or to adjust any kind of trip you Imagen.

Our skipper will guide you through all you need to know and hopefully teach you some basic sailing skills so you can actively experience what it is like to sail a yacht.

We invite you to Join our daily sailing trips and explore north Sporades the best way …

Evdora Skiathos Sailing


Evdora Sailing in Skiathos is also a beautiful Catamaran and Captain George will also try to make your Sailing Trip amazing with his Evdora Catamaran Yacht
His website is this and there you can also check his trips and details

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