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Diamanti sailing is the luxury way to explore Skiathos Skopelos and Allonisos . Sailing in Skiathos is a must and Diamanti boat offers great quality and experienced skipper

We welcome to the beautiful island of Skiathos, and the Northern Sporades !! Starting from the Cosmopolitan Skiathos and choosing DiaMaNti Yacht a modern, comfortable and luxurious Yacht we can open sails and guarantee you unique and unforgettable holidays
We have daily or multiple days sailing plans to explore the island complex in Sporades . SKIATHOS -SKOPELOS -ALONNISOS – KYRA PANAGIA – GKIOURA -PSATHOURA – SKATZOYRA
We offer two packages of day trips to Skiathos, discovering each one of the 64 beaches of Skiathos, the short or weekly trips exploring the paradise of northern Sporades.

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May to October


May to October


May to October


May to October


May to October


May to October


May to October

You can find us on Skiathos new harbor every afternoon


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39.164667470774, 23.492166800803

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Skiathos Restaurants

Discover the best restaurants in Skiathos island , featuring the latest special offers, Skiathos restaurant reviews and online direct contact with the owners .

Jewelry shop “Rodi” in Skiathos

Jewelry shop "Rodi" in Skiathos

Papadiantis Street

Enterprise Skiathos Car Hire

Enterprise Car hire in Skiathos